Thursday, January 16, 2014

Teach Like a Champion
Technique #48
Explain Everything

As a result of Explain Everything: “Students understand the logic behind decision making and will be more likely to both believe that the systems are in their best interests and make rational choices on their own.”

KEY IDEA: Deliberately make expectations clear, rational, and logical. Constantly remind students why you do what you do and grounds explanations in the mission: this will help you get to college; this will help you understand how to be responsible.
·      “I’d love to spend more time talking about this, but there’s a lot we’ve got to do.”
·      “Do you understand that if you go to the nurse, you’re not going to participate when we have recess?”
·      “Please put your hands down.  I know that you all have questions, and I love it when you say intelligent things, but we have a lot to do, and right now there’s not time. We still need to read our story and do workshop.”

A Caution:  Explain Everything should happen either in a calm moment well in advance of behavior that needs fixing or else after “fixing” has resulted in the meeting of expectations.
·      In advance - “When I ask for your attention, I’m going to expect from every one of you every time.  That way I can be sure you know everything you need to know to be successful and happy in my class!”
·      After “fixing” - “Thank you.  The reason I need you to be all the way silent like that is . . .

From Teach Like a Champion by Doug Lemove (Jossey Bass, 2010)

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