Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Teach Like a Champion
Technique #27

“Vegas isn’t sparkle-for—sparkle’s sake. It reinforces not just academics generally but on of the day’s learning objectives.”

KEY IDEA: The Vegas is the sparkle, the moment during class when you might observe some production values: music, lights, rhythm, dancing.  Vegas draws students into a little bit of magic.

Design principles of Vegas:
  • Production values. Performers vary their tone and pace, occasionally whispering for emphasis, later speaking in a booming voice, sometimes speaking very slowly, sometimes racing along.
  • Like a faucet.  “It has to be like a faucet.  You turn it on, then you turn it off.” 
  • Same objective. Always has a specific learning objective and should have the same objective as the lesson or, at its most daring, review previously mastered but related content.
  • Chorus line. Everyone has to know the rules.
  • On point. Must be vigilantly managed so that as soon as it is off-point, it is immediately corrected and standards of excellent are reinforced.
From Teach Like a Champion by Doug Lemove (Jossey Bass, 2010)

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