Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Teach Like a Champion
Technique #26
Everybody Writes

“With time to reflect and begin turning thoughts into words, I’d have the best chance of being ready to participate and, ideally, at some level of depth, because my ideas would be better and I would be more confident in them.”

KEY IDEA:  Set students up for rigorous engagement by giving them the opportunity to reflect first in writing before discussing.  As author Joan Didion says, ‘I write to know what I think’ ”.

A technique in which teachers ask all students to prepare for more ambitious thinking and discussion by reflecting in writing for a short interval.

6 benefits::
1.  It often allows you to select effective responses to begin the discussion since you can get an idea of what they are writing by looking over their shoulders.

2.  It allows you to Cold Call.

3.  It allows you to give every student, not just those who put up their hand fast, a chance to be part of the conversation.

4.  Processing thoughts in writing refines them.

5.  You set standards or steer students in a direction you think especially fruitful.

6.  Students remember twice as much of what they are learning if they write it down.

From Teach Like a Champion by Doug Lemove (Jossey Bass, 2010)

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