Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Teach Like a Champion
Technique #7
4 Ms

“Begin with the objective so instead of thinking what will my students do today, think what will my students understand today?”

KEY IDEA:  A great lesson objective (and therefore a great lesson) should be manageable, measurable, made first, and most important on the path to college.

Effective objectives should be:

  • Manageable: Should be of a size and scope that can be taught in a single lesson.

  • Measureable.  Success in achieving it can be measured, ideally by the end of the class.

  • Made first.  An effective objective should be designed to guide the activity.

  • Most Important.  It should focus on what’s most important on the path to college.  It describes the next step straight up the mountain.

From Teach Like a Champion by Doug Lemove (Jossey Bass, 2010)

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